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Coffee Enema Instructions

Items and Materials Needed:

  • half quart (about 16 oz.) purified water (not tap water!) for heating.
  • half quart purified water for cooling.
  • 2 tablespoons of Quantum Organc Coffee
  • Immune Complex- 2 capsules
  • Add 2 capsules of any or a combination of the formulas from Added Options
  • Enema Bucket
  • Lubricant -for insertion of tube into rectum.  Avoid petroleum jellies such as KY or Vaseline.
  • Old towels to lie on the floor.

Important: Currently, we recommend  Quantum Organic Coffee for use with coffee enemas. Unfortunately, most organic coffee brands have not passed the toxicity testing from Quantum Nutrition Lab's quality assurance test.  Many are still pesticided (even though they say they're not)- please do not use store bought organic coffee Added Options:
Excellent anti-infective formula choices

  • Garlicidin 2 capsules
  • Immune Support 2 capsules
  • Noni 2 capsules
  • Colostrum (open ups 2 caps)

Excellent hormone balance formula choices

  • Fem Gold 2 capsules
  • Pollen de Fleur
  • Estro Support


1. Grind Coffee Beans. Fresh-grind the coffee beans to a fine powder. (Do not do grind the beans ahead of time! You want to ensure you get the freshest, most active phytonutrients from the coffee.  Pre-ground coffee beans are partially oxidized & should not be used.)

2. Simmer Ground Coffee Beans for 5 Minutes. Add the freshly ground coffee bean powder to 1/2 quart of water and bring to a simmer (small, rolling bubbles) for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat.

3. Let Sit for 5 minutes. Next add 2 capsules of Immune Support (empty the capsule contents into the water) and any other capsules into the hot water. Let sit uncovered for 5 minutes. (The soak time helps release of the phytonutrients into the water.)

4. Strain Mixture. Strain the coffee-herbal mixture with a fine metal strainer several times to remove any large particles that could clog the enema tube. It is important that the coffee is completely strained, with no remnants, otherwise the enema tube will clog.

5. Add Cool Water to Mixture. Add about 1/2 quart of room-temperature water to the hot coffee- herbal liquid mixture - then pour into the enema bag. (CAUTION!!! Make sure the hose clamp on the enema tube is shut before adding the strained coffee.)  The idea is to cool the hot coffee mixture to a warm temperature (so it is not too hot when inserting the fluid into the rectum). The final mixture should be warm to the touch (not too hot and not too cool) - about 100 degrees F. Note: If the temperature is too hot, it can cause damage to the anus or intestines; if it is too cool, it may cramp the intestines and toxic waste elimination may be poor. However, too cool is better than too hot.

6. Take Enema. Take enema as follows. (Although not necessary, an excellent time to take an enema is after bowel elimination.) Keep in mind, coffee may leave permanent stains. You may want to wear old clothes - and use old towels (or paper towels). Apply a small amount of oil, such as olive oil or castor oil to the anal area and on the tip of enema nozzle for ease of insertion.  An excellent position to do the enema is on a rug on the floor (near a toilet) on your knees with your head down near the floor. The enema bucket should be hung on a towel rack (or shower curtain rod) - elevating the liquid is necessary to have enough pressure for the fluid to flow into the colon.
While leaning on one hand on the floor, with the other hand, gently insert the enema nozzle into the rectum. Be sure the nozzle is inserted fully. (Make sure to put your head down near the floor so gravity will help the fluid flow downwards into the colon.) Slowly release the hose clamp to allow the liquid to begin to flow into the colon. (Often you will have the sensation of warm liquid gurgling or flowing into the colon.)  If it is not comfortable in this position, lay on your back and and prop your pelvis upward as  you insert the enema.
If the flow seems too fast, close the hose clamp; wait for a minute or two, then open the clamp again. Try to take about half of the liquid (about 1/2 quart) into the bowels; then hold for 10 minutes before expelling. (During this time, you may close the clamp, remove the nozzle from the rectum; then lay on your right side during the 10 minutes - or lay on your back with legs and pelvis elevated on a pillow - if possible. For you gymnasts, a shoulder stand is the best way to get the enema farther up the colon. While on your back, bring legs vertical and hold the position for a few minutes then gently let your legs down. Either way, in time, you will find what is most comfortable for you.   If desired, you may lay in a bathtub during this time - for easier clean-up.)
Often, if some fecal matter is lower in the rectal tract, you may want to take in about 1/8 or 1/4 of the liquid — just enough to expel the fecal matter in the lower tract (in this case, it is not necessary to hold the liquid for any period of time). Then divide the remaining liquid approximately in half (mentally) — and hold each portion for 10 minutes — to allow adequate soaking time and to cleanse hardened fecal material, infectious organisms, other toxins, etc. in the lower rectal tract. This is a great time for reading. After 10 minutes, expel the fluid. Then take in the second ½ quart and hold for another 10 minutes. Then expel. You’re done!
After taking in the liquid and nature calls (i.e. you feel a strong urge to expel the liquid) - even after a minute or two, do not resist — go ahead and expel it. At first, it may be hard to hold the liquid for the full 10 minutes (or even a few minutes).  Later, after several enemas (and thus a certain amount of toxic elimination), it will be much easier for the bowels to hold the liquid for the full 10 minutes.

7. After the Enema. Drink 2 oz. of Aloe Drink mixed with 1/2 cup purified water or by itself. The aloe dramatically promotes elimination of released toxins and helps prevent reabsorption.
Special Note:  If you are new to coffee enemas you may have a difficult time "holding the enema" the first few times.  Please do not get discouraged.  As you continue doing the coffee enemas, the toxic body burden will lessen in the colon, and you will be able to hold them for much longer.  If possible, always try clear the lower bowels before the coffee enema.

Salt Water Enema
Another alternative method is to take a warm salt enema first (before preparing the coffee enema.)  Add 2 teaspoons  of Pink Salt to 4 cups of warm water.  Take in and hold for 5 minutes or until bowels release.  This will empty the bowels making for a smoother coffee enema.  After expelling the salt enema prepare the coffee enema as mentioned above.

Salt Flush
A Salt Flush is very effective before a coffee enema.   Ideally, start the salt flush upon arising, then wait a few hours until you have completely flushed before taking the coffee enema.  Once you feel the colon is clear take your coffee enema.  
Best Time to Take an Enema
The most desired time is first thing in the morning after the bowels have been cleared.  After dinner is a good time as well, as it aids with digestion. Give yourself some time to rest after the enema (20 to 30 minutes). For about 1/2 hour after your enema, remain at home or near a toilet. This helps ensure that you will be near a toilet if another small amount of enema liquid needs to come out that was not expelled earlier. (Sometimes, if the enema liquid reaches higher in the colon tract, it may take longer to move down into the lower bowel to be expelled. So don't be surprised if you need to expel another small amount of liquid.)
Special Notes

Regarding Nausea during the Enema
During your first few enemas, you may experience some nausea during or after the enema process. This is often due to the release of internal stagnant, putrefied toxins. Do not let this deter you from continuing with a series of coffee enemas. Over time, most people will find that the nausea clears within in a short time. If you do experience nausea, you may want to follow the enema with a warm cup of tea (such as green tea or hyssop tea).

Recommended Number of Coffee Enemas
The condition of the colon (and its relationship with the liver/gallbladder) of the average American adult contains high levels of toxic, stagnant waste.  Therefore, we typically recommend a series of coffee enemas as follows:  3 - 4 coffee enemas per week for 4 weeks; then 2 coffee enemas per week for 4 weeks. After completing this series, we recommend a "maintenance" coffee enema once a week or several times a month.  This is a magnificent, highly efficient procedure to eliminate ongoing, but still bio-accumulating toxic residues from exposure to dietary (especially restaurant eating) and environmental toxins.




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