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platinum plus
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Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids
This patented amino acid formula delivers a powerful new nutritional application of pure amino acids paired with the missing essential sulfur, and molybdenum. This combination ensures liver enzyme detoxification and that creatine recycles phosphorus back to ATP in debilitated persons.

Item#:  Platinum-Plus
Price:  US $49.95

Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids 120 Vcaps

The Missing Factor in Nutritional Science

This patented amino acid formula delivers a powerful new nutritional application of pure amino acids paired with the missing essential sulfur, and molybdenum. This combination ensures liver enzyme detoxification and that creatine recycles phosphorus back to ATP in debilitated persons.



    Platinum Plus provides, in free form, the perfect balance and amounts of amino acids that refresh the pancreas' digestive enzymes and small intestine glands to break the dietary protein down into individual amino acids from long chain proteins. Amino acid formulas that are out of balance may not work!

Dietary Protein Utilized

    You may eat large amounts of protein but "dumping food" into the body does not ensure proper digestion and delivery of nutrients to cells. Platinum Plus increases the free form amino acids a minimum of 2500% in a diet of only 50gm. protein.

Enzyme Activation

    The body then starts to rebuild and refurbish it's 80,000 enzyme systems. With Platinum Pluz it is not necessary to take digestive enzymes, your body creates it's own.

Stomach Acidity and Enzymes Increased

    The stomach manufactures more of it's needed HCL, hydrochloric acid, further increasing protein digestions, acidifying minerals so that they are assimilated by the body. This alleviates the most common cause for indigestion.

Carries Vitamins and Minerals

    It increases the protein-complex carrier mechanisms that carry the vitamins and minerals to the cells. Millions of people are not getting the benefit of the nutrients that they are taking in.


    The fourth mineral of the body is deficient in the majority of persons. It is necessary for the synthesis of hormones, the immune system, collagen, healthy hair, skin, nails, and neurotransmitters. At the minimum effective 4 capsules per day, it supplies 800mg of MSM which together with the sulfur in methionine and cystine replenishes the estimated daily loss of 800mg of sulfur. It also provides the protein carries to deliver it to the cells which glucosamine and chondroiton sulfates do not.


    Glutathione, nature's chief antioxidant, is made in abundance when cysteine-systine and non-essential amino acids, glycine and glutamic acid and abundant. These and any other amnio acids such as the expensive carnatine, serine, etc. are readily made from the essential amino acids. When there is a constant supply of the essential amino acids the necessity for buying every hyped antioxidant becomes unnecessary. Additional sulfur is needed to build this molecule. That is why we have added 200mg of MSM per capsule. Corralling free oxide radicals produced by metabolism, exercise, toxins, and infections is what the body is designed to do - when it gets the proper balance of amino acids that it needs.

Metals and Environmental Toxins

    Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic have been shown to be residing in the body even when the blood, hair, and urine have shown none. Clinical studies have shown that Platinum Plus quickly removes them and, taken as a prophylactic, keeps them out of the body entirely. This is essential!

Antiviral, Fungal, Bacterial

    Observations made on thousands of patients have shown that protein deficient patients have many unresolved, often time, subclinical infections. It was observed that most of them cleared up when platinum plus along with other missing nutrients, particularly Vitamin C Complex, were taken. No pharmaceutical products were necessary. Research on major viruses has proven extremely effective.

Cartilage, Skin, Hair and Nails

    Studies using Quantum Testing on thousands of patients demonstrates that platinum plus is capable of giving greater volume to the spinal disks as early as ten hours after ingestion. The best record in treating back pain was established by the inventor using this amino acid formula. Skin that is wrinkled, hair that is thin, nails that break have all responded well to this formula.
Supplement Facts

Platinum Plus Amino Acids

Servings Per Container: 100 caps
Serving Size: 2 capsules

Proprietary free-form amino acid blend 1000 mg






HCI L- Phenelalanine






HCI Molybdenum(as molybdenum amino acid chelate) 60 mcg

Methylsulfonylmethane(providing 136 mg sulfur) 400 mg

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