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The Master Liver/Gallbladder Flush

Cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder for Optimal Health

    "A good old-fashioned gallbladder flush is the single greatest thing you can do to improve your health." --Saying from the old-time Naturopaths

The old-time naturopaths used to say that a good old-fashioned Gallbladder Flush was the single greatest thing you could do to improve your health Although that may seem like a dramatic statement, over the years, we have found there is an amazing amount of truth to it.

    What Does The Liver! Gallbladder Flush Do?

  • Helps cleanse stagnant waste from the liver! gallbladder
  • Helps improve liver functioning and bile flow*
  • Helps purify the blood and lymph*
  • Helps rejuvenate the body*

We have supervised literally hundreds of people who have done the Master Flush, and who had overnight dramatic changes in their health - and close to 100% of everyone passed gallstones - clearly visible in the next day's stool - frequently from 20 to 100 of them after the first Flush. A small percentage of people do not pass stones on their first Flush - but do so after the second or third gallbladder flush. Due to the silent but toxic nature of commercial oils hidden in many foods, eating these foods causes a stagnant bile syndrome, precipitating gallstones and bile sludge throughout the biliary tract. This is so common in the U.S. that literally everyone passes stones after the Flush. After your own First Flush, there is a phenomenal impact when you see visible stones in the toilet the next day. A little light goes on in your brain - as you realize the importance of eating healthy oils - and the striking consequences of eating the bad ones.

These stones vary from person to person, but the average person has both small ones, such as gravel or small pea-size; others are the size of small and large marbles; bigger ones look like large wads of green clayish chewing gum stuck together or greasy clay-like wads embedded throughout the stool (the day after the Flush). Upon examination, if you cut open one of the "marbles" passed in the stool, there are layers upon layers of compacted grease rings, often bright green in color (but the outer coating often appears greenish brown with a hard outer casing). Colors of the gallstones vary, but bright pea green and darkish green are common. Other colors are black, brown and more rarely, red.

How did these stones form?

After years of eating "bad oils" (you know - those chips, fried foods, pizza, mayonnaise, margarine, commercial bagels and breads, cookies and pastries full of toxic oils, anything with canola oil, etc.), the liver and gallbladder in the average person has become quite congested, like a sewer that is partially blocked - and worse yet, which starts "backing up" and creating all sorts of symptoms irritability, difficulty sleeping, poor digestion, dry skin, poor eyesight, depression and much more.

Grease Balls and Sludge

In the daily routine of eating seemingly "normal" commercial foods but which typically contain "bad" oils plus toxic food chemicals, the quality of the bile, which should be a light, thin, oily texture, becomes thick and viscous - more like dehydrated syrup than the consistency of a thin machine oil. This sludgy bile stagnates and slowly forms thick concretions over time - like grease balls - which then "jam" or impedes normal physiology of the gallbladder which can include the liver and the upper intestinal tract - and which can slowly lead to a gradual expansion of symptoms including fatigue, headaches, food allergies, burping after meals, smelly gas, environmental sensitivities, poor immune tolerance and much more.

20 Years of Perfect Diet

Sorry - changing your diet to healthy foods with only good oils might help you feel better - but it won't get rid of that greasy sludge in the gallbladder and biliary tract. We've seen many people after 20 years of "no cheating" - eating an excellent diet (although their previous diet was pretty abominable) - and even they pass 40 to 60 clearly defined gallstones on their first Flush. Once these stones form, changing your diet will not clear them. You need a good gallbladder Flush.

When these grease balls form (and there's really no better descriptive name - they are sludgy, clayish, wadded concretions nesting in the lining the of gallbladder, the biliary tract or embedded in the small intestines) -they need to be flushed out. What a quantum leap you can experience in the new freedom of your previously hampered physiology.

10 Allergies Cleared Overnight

After doing only a single Liver/Gallbladder Flush, Cindy, a menopausal woman in her 50's, cleared over 10 food allergies overnight. No, this is not an exaggeration - literally overnight. One day, she couldn't eat 10 different foods, and the very next day after the Flush, she could eat them - yogurt, tomatoes, nuts, etc.

This dramatic case history leads to an interesting question: does a person really have food allergies or do they really have a congested liver/gallbladder tract which impedes their digestive capacity for certain foods? Many people have seen their so-called "food allergies" of many years clear after the gallbladder Flush. And of course, if you go back to your "junk" food diet with toxic oils (especially restaurant meals), you'll most likely return to the stagnant bile syndrome. But there's always the next Flush.

Repeat the Flush 3 to 4 times

After seeing the dramatic results with literally hundreds of people doing the Flush, the following was developed as an easy protocol so that just about anyone can breeze through it and get great results the very first time. We estimate that the average person in the U.S. needs to repeat this Flush at least 4 times (spaced by 4 to 6 weeks in between Flushes)

Miracles With The First Flush

As one medical doctor remarked, "Many of my patients get miracles with the very first Flush. Because the Flush clears so much stagnation in the liver/gallbladder tract, my patients are able to clear many symptoms literally overnight - symptoms that years of nutritional supplements or other therapies could not clear.

Preparing for the Flush

To ensure the best results, the recommended procedure entails taking a liquid herbal drink upon arising each day for 3 to 6 weeks before the Flush. If a person has been eating a healthy diet with a lot of fresh, whole foods, only the 3 week sequence may be needed before the Flush Day. If a person has a history of being chronically ill or weak or a history of eating a poor diet (many refined, commercial foods, especially restaurant meals, mostly cooked foods or a lot of heavy foods such as cheese, cooked meats, etc.), then the 6 week sequence is recommended.

Strive for a Healthy Diet before the Flush

For best results, during the 3 to 6 week prelude, strive to eat a healthy diet which contains at least 1/3 raw foods (especially fresh organic (or pesticide-free) fruit and organic salads) in addition to home prepared meals made with fresh, whole, organic foods. Slowly increasing the amount of raw foods in the diet provides healthy bulk to the stool, gentle intestinal stimulation and cleansing in addition to an abundance of raw enzymes. Also during this prelude, try to limit animal flesh foods (red meat, poultry, fish, etc.) to once per day only (or less, if desired). This allows the body to alkalize at a more rapid rate and lightens the digestive enzyme stress.

Regular Bowel Eliminations

This 3 to 6 week prelude allows the time for the gastrointestinal tract to heal and become regular. It is very important that bowel eliminations become regular (at least one complete, healthy bowel elimination per day). If the bowel eliminations have not been consistently regular, take Quantum Cleanse during the 3 to 6 week prelude (1/2 teaspoon mixed in 1/2 cup purified water or juice, first thing in the AM, after the Nano products.) For best results, the bowel eliminations should be regular at the time of the Flush.


If you are taking medical drugs, do not do this Flush. Wait until you have been off all medical drugs for at least one month (or longer) before starting the Flush procedure.

Master Liver/Gallbladder Flush Ingredients Needed  Gallbladder PG,  5-10 organic apples,  1 medium organic lemon,  Olive Oil: 1 to 2 bottles. Post flush drink: Fresh, organic oranges Post-Flush Cleansing Drink (for 3 days)

1. The 3 to 6-Week Prelude

For 3 to 6 weeks, take the following drink, first thing in the morning, upon arising. If you have a history of constipation and heavy meat eating, use the 6 week sequence. The herbs in Gallbladder PG are well known in Chinese medicine for softening and breaking down gallstones.

  • Gallbladder PG 1/4 teaspoon

Add these to the first drink and take first thing in the morning.

For further gallbladder support, it is helpful to sprinkle one capsule of  Quantum Turmeric mixed into food several times per week.

For this 3 to 6 week prelude, continue to eat your regular meals and take your regular supplements.

2. The Day Before the Flush Day.

On the day before the Flush Day, continue to eat your regular meals, except eliminate all animal flesh foods (red meat, poultry, fish, etc.) and eliminate all oils and fats. For example, eliminate cheese, olive oil, oily salad dressings, etc. You may have other condiments. (For example, you may have vinegar and sea salt on your salad.) Take your regular supplements during this day.

3. The Flush Day.

The day of the Flush, eat nothing but organic, peeled apples throughout the day, beginning in the morning. Do not eat any other foods or drinks. Do not take any supplements. You may have as many apples and as much purified water as you wish.

4. At 4 PM

stop eating apples. However, purified water may still be consumed.

5. Colosan

5) Colosan: It is recommended to take 1-2 times weekly for maintenance
in keeping intestines clean and oxygenated. On an empty
stomach (upon arising, or before bed) drink a rounded teaspoon of
Colosan mixed in an 8-12 oz. glass of water or orange juice. Add the
juice of fresh squeezed lemon into the same (now empty) glass with
another ounce or so of water and drink: this activates Colosan by
assisting the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to liberate the oxygen
from the magnesium oxide. Have a bathroom handy being that the
Colosan can get the bowels moving and cleaning out. You may
choose to do the bedtime dose so that the resulting bowel movements
occur in the morning at home before leaving the house for the
day. ColoSan is unique because it oxidizes the immediate harmful
matter, rendering it non-toxic and purges it quickly from the body.
Since most forms of harmful bacteria and cancer thrive in a nonoxygen
environment, ColoSan is very helpful in these cases.
For further cleansing, tonifying and establishing strong peristalsis
consider other colon cleanse products as well during this pre period.Flush Procedure

Begin taking the olive oil doses every 15 minutes, starting at 6 PM. At 6 PM open 2 capsules of Gallbladder Support and mix them in 3 or 4 tablespoon,,* of  Olive Oil. Then consume the oil-herb mixture straight.

    *Determining the Olive Oil Dose For a body size from 8 to 140 lbs., take 3 tablespoons of olive oil per dose: for body size 140 to 200 lbs., take 4 tablespoons of olive oil per dose.

Immediately after consuming the herb-oil mixture. chew one or two wedges of a fresh organic orange and swallow. The orange provides citric acid and works very well to clear the oily taste in your mouth and refresh the palate.) At 6:15 PM. repeat this procedure (take 3 or 4 tablespoons of oil mixed with 2 capsules of Gallbladder Support). At 6:30 PM repeat the procedure. At 6:45 PM repeat this procedure again. (Total amount of olive oil to he consumed in one hour = 12 or 16 tablespoons)

Nausea: If you have prepared for the Flush adequately, most people do not experience nausea, or if so, only mildly after taking the doses of oil. If you experience pronounced nausea after taking any of the doses of oil, discontinue taking the oil. You may need to prepare for a longer time before doing a Flush.

7. You're finished!

Do not eat or drink anything else (except water, if desired) until the following morning. (Note: Be sure not to eat anything at all after the Flush. Eating even a small amount of food after the Flush can negate its fabulous cleansing effects.)

Checking The Stool

Often, several hours after drinking the last Flush Drink (during the night) or the following morning, various greenish concretions will typically pass in the stool. On the first Flush, it is common to see many (often hundreds) of small, pea-size green balls that float on top of the water in the toilet. Other concretions may be larger in size (the size of small or large marbles) or "wads" of greenish clay material. It is important to "break apart" and thoroughly check the stool with latex gloves or an old coat hanger to look for concretions so you will be aware of your success in passing old concretions. Concretions are often present in the first stool passed after the Flush, but sometimes they only show up in the second stool or a day later. Often, some concretions may be found in the stools over the next few days after the Flush. When you find hardened concretions in the stool, congratulate yourself: Overnight, you have literally cleared years of stagnant waste which has been blocking your normal digestive and intestinal physiology, creating unknown distress and accelerated aging.

When to Repeat the Flush

For the average person, the Master Flush should be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks for 3 to 4 times, then at least once per year.

The Good Oils

Feed yourself healthy "good oils" steer clear of the bad ones

Enjoy eating healthy oils as a regular part of your diet. Enjoy experimenting with new recipes for smoothies, salad dressings, main dishes, etc., made with healthy oils.

Hopefully, you will be able to avoid eating the "bad" fats the ones that cause such severe stagnation of congested bile, leading to gallstone concretions.

List of oils to avoid:

margarine (all types), canola oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil, lard, vegetable shortening, all highly heated oils, fried oils. Avoid foods that contain toxic oils, such as commercial white bread, bagels, muffins, cakes, chips, mayonnaise, fried foods. French fries, donuts, pizza, etc. Remember, just because an oil is sold in a health food store does NOT mean that it's healthy. Also avoid nutritional supplements that contain toxic oils, such as magnesium stearate or vegetable stearate

What To Eat On the Day Following The Flush

The day after the Flush, you may resume eating your regular diet and taking your regular nutritional supplements. To maximize your results, you may choose take the following morning drink in addition to your regular diet:

OPTIONAL: The After-Flush Drink

Since the Master Flush liberates a lot of stagnant, often putrid material in the GI tract, a more thorough, complete cleansing effect is possible by beginning the day with a good-tasting drink, called the After-Flush Drink and continuing it each day for 3 days. The day after the Flush, upon arising, make the following drink:

The After-Flush Drink

  • 2 medium fresh organic tomatoes
  • 2 stalks organic celery
  • Olive Oil - 2 tablespoons
  • Quantum Gallbladder Support - 2 capsules (open capsules) (Do not add salt or other seasonings.)
    • Directions:Blend the above ingredients together, then drink immediately.

      Wait for 15 minutes (or more), then you may eat your regular breakfast

      Take this drink, first thing in the morning, for the first three mornings after the Flush. This will help you to have maximum clearance benefits for your Flush.

      Nutritional Supplements After the Flush

      Begin taking your regular supplements after the Flush, but also include these daily:

      Quantum Gallbladder Support one capsules, two times daily (for 4 weeks or more)

      Get Back in The Queue

      After your first complete Flush, you may want to "get back in the queue" and begin preparing for your next Flush in 4 to 6 weeks, if so, begin taking the Nano-Detox drinks in the morning again (see beginning procedure).

      Congratulations on your newly cleansed body.



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